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(Naruto OC Story) Background
My name is Rayne, my full name is Rayne Arianna Maranochi and I’m from the Maranochi Clan in the Hidden Leaf Village. The Hidden Leaf Village is in The Land of Fire and one of the 5 Great Shinobi Nations. The other 4 are The Hidden Sand Village located in Land of Wind, The Hidden Mist Village located in the Land of Water, The Village Hidden in the Clouds located in the Land of Lightning, and The Hidden Rock Village in the Land of Earth. Each of the 5 nations mentioned have a main Leader or someone gifted with the title of Kage. The Leaf have the Hokage, the Sand the Kazekage, the Water the Mizukage, The Lightning the Raikage, and The Earth the Tsuchikage. Amidst these nations are smaller less known villages, but none are any less important, though it is easy for the Kage to forget this as they deal with politics every day.
In order for me to tell you my story I must first gift you with some background before we begin. My clan is only one of many clans located in the Leaf Village.
:icondragonpride12:Dragonpride12 4 12
(Naruto OC Story) Chapter 1
It was a typical day like any other in the Academy, Naruto had set up a trap on top of the door to the classroom so that when Iruka Sensei walked in it would fall on his head. Today it was a bucket of water. So like any other day when Iruka fell for it some of the kids laughed, Iruka yelled at Naruto, more of the kids laughed this time at Naruto though, and I flipped out on the ones who laughed at him. When the school day ended we all filed out and were greeted by our parents, or most of us were.
“Hey, I’ll see you tomorrow okay Naruto?” I went and stopped over by the swing he normally sat at and stopped in front of him blocking his view of all the other adults who I knew were staring at me.
“Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow Rayne.” Naruto seemed so down, so I decided to do something about it.
“Do you want to go get something to eat? Ramen? It’s my treat, well my mom’s really.” I smiled when he looked up with a small smile on his f
:icondragonpride12:Dragonpride12 3 4
(Naruto OC Story) Chapter 2
“Hey, mom? I’m going to go training for a while, I’ll try to be home before it gets dark okay?” I walked over to my mom after I got finished greeting everyone, and stopped in front of her. She was about to enter our home, but stopped and sat down on the porch instead.
“I don’t really want you going, but so long as you try and be home before dark I suppose there’s no stopping you. After all you are my daughter, just make sure you have some fun, and don’t try and work too hard.” She leaned forward and gave me a brief hug and a kiss on my forehead, before she let me go. “Now go before I change my mind. And don’t forget I love you.”
“I love you too mom!” I called over my shoulder as I started off down the road into the forest. When I got to the end of the road I looked left, and then right, then for added measure I made sure no one was behind me before I Shunshined over the fence into the Forest of Death. O
:icondragonpride12:Dragonpride12 1 6
Divine by mugiwaragrl Divine :iconmugiwaragrl:mugiwaragrl 8 7 Come at me, vampire by UndesiredValentine Come at me, vampire :iconundesiredvalentine:UndesiredValentine 83 29
The Fallen Crimson Angel: Chapter 0
The Fallen Crimson Angel
Introduction: Just Another Day?
        "Hey! You!" Yelled someone from across the cafeteria. "Come here!" I looked around the room for a second and spotted a boy of about 17 waving at me from a table on the other side of the room. At first all I did was look at him with a puzzled expression on my face, but then I decided it couldn't hurt to talk to him. His hair appeared to be jet-black and slightly spiked, and he had a jet-black soul patch to match. Just like me, he was wearing a green jumpsuit with his number on it and a metal collar around his neck.
"See you guys later." I said to my friends at my table. "I need to go see what this guy wants." They all said goodbye, and I got up and started walking over. After awhile of going through people in the cafeteria, I was almost to the guy's table. Before I knew it, I had accidently run into a woman knocking her off balance. Acting quickly, I was able to catch her and help her stand up. "I'm so
:iconblissfulbloodfest:BlissfulBloodfest 2 2
Victims of Wonderland by mugiwaragrl Victims of Wonderland :iconmugiwaragrl:mugiwaragrl 20 17 Magnemites by Sola-King Magnemites :iconsola-king:Sola-King 10 5 misty by naruka14 misty :iconnaruka14:naruka14 8 5 This Pirate is Sexy and he knows it by OnePieceZoroForever This Pirate is Sexy and he knows it :icononepiecezoroforever:OnePieceZoroForever 6 9 Happy Birthday KamaSenya~! by mugiwaragrl Happy Birthday KamaSenya~! :iconmugiwaragrl:mugiwaragrl 1 5 Mokona dolls by bloodprincess1 Mokona dolls :iconbloodprincess1:bloodprincess1 16 1
:dalove: Here are my favorite works by some of the greatest artists I know!!!
Check it out! I'm now on Facebook AND tumblr!


If you'd like to be friends on Facebook, please send me a note here. That way, I know it's you and don't ignore your friend request. 

I haven't done much on tumblr yet. (Honestly, I only got it to get in touch with an old friend...) So any pointers on how it works and stuff would be really appreciated.

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Krista F.
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Please call me Senya Kama. I joined this site to find others like me who take pride in their art and want to share it with the world. I'm looking forward to seeing your artworks and literature!
Find me on:

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My schooling is from Digital Media Technology at Jeff Tech. I graduated on the Honor Cord and as a member of NTHS (National Technical Honor Society).
You can see some of the work I have done in video editing and graphic design on the following sites.
My 2012-2013 portfolio for Jeff Tech->…

I draw in the manga/anime art style. I also work in basic video editing, digital design, and writing. These are the skills I want to use in my future career, they're what I'm really good at. I've been working on many manga ideas but haven't officially started to pursue just one.

I've been working on many manga ideas of different genres. Some are romance, fantasy, and plain old creepiness. But a problem I have is that I work on too many at once. Sometimes, I never finish all the characters of one and start on another. We all do that, right?



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